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Drive By Shooting, Medical Emergency Contribute To Massive Pileup


A drive by shooting and a dump truck driver’s medical emergency caused a 28 vehicle pileup on I-5 near Mount Vernon on Saturday.

Around 3 a.m. on Saturday morning, someone in a dark colored pickup truck opened fire on 3 men in a car driving on I-5 in Mount Vernon, killing the two men in the front. The man in the rear was able to get control of the vehicle and pull it over onto the shoulder of the  road.

Authorities were investigating this drive by shooting later on Saturday morning, leaving I-5 traffic at a near stand still.

Traffic was bumper to bumper when a dump truck traveling south hauling 80,000 pounds of clay and gravel crossed the I-5 median, breaking the cable barrier and plowing into the slowed northbound lanes.

28 vehicles were involved in the crash.

Investigators say that the dump truck driver suffered from a medical condition that caused him to lose control.

Seven people, including the truck driver, were taken to the hospital with injuries. The 60 year old truck driver suffered chest injuries and a broken arm.

I-5 was closed for hours, but by 6:30 all lanes were reopened

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