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Driver, Carrier Found Guilty Of Hauling Overweight Load In California


A truck driver and a carrier have been found guilty of hauling a load that weighed 21,000 pounds more than what was legally allowed.

On Tuesday, a jury found the truck driver, Guadalupe Martinez, and his employer, Martinez Trucking and Logistics, Inc., guilty of misdemeanor charges of hauling an overnight load and not having a proper permit.

On April 9, police pulled over Martinez in Long Beach, California.  Upon completing an inspection, authorities found that Martinez’s truck weighed 88,600 pounds, exceeding the 67,500 pounds that are allowed on the Long Beach road.

Martinez’s attorney argued, unsuccessfully, that his wide-load permit allowed him to haul the overweight load.

Sentencing is scheduled for February 18.  Martinez and Martinez Trucking and Logistics, Inc. face a $4,270 fine, in addition to state-fines and penalties.  Martinez also faces up to 6 months in jail.


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