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EpicVue Wants To Make Life On The Road More Entertaining, Less Lonely


Do you hate missing Game of Thrones on Sunday night because you’re on the road? If EpicVue has it’s way, you’ll never have this problem again.

A growing number of fleets are trying a new technique to increase driver retention — by giving them access to satellite TV services. According to EpicVue, television is a solution for the epidemic levels of isolation that drivers face every day. They say that access to the shared story telling that TV provides will make life on the road less lonely — and will also give drivers something to talk about with family members and new friends that they might meet out on the road. If you’re able to catch some of Sunday’s big football game, it’s a little easier to strike up a conversation with another sports fan at a truck stop — or with your son back home over the phone. Those little interactions have a lot of impact on driver happiness, says EpicVue.

EpicVue says that it is a solution for fleets looking to solve retention problems because their services increase the quality of life for drivers, making them less likely to jump ship. As turnover is incredibly costly for trucking companies, EpicVue could be a cost effective solution if it proves to be successful.

EpicVue offers drivers a satellite dome antenna, DVR with dual-tuner receiver and remote, 24” flat screen HDTV, permanent and temporary mount, and an easy mount off-air antenna. The channel list includes basic cable channels as well as premium channels like NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO, and Showtime.

You can learn more about EpicVue at their website.


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