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Feds Seek Trucking Company “Pirate” Who Buried Stolen Goods


Homeland Security is on the hunt for a Michigan-based trucking company owner who fled the country after admitting to being part of an interstate cargo theft ring that operated like a “band of pirates”.

Viorel Pricop, who ran the bogus trucking company Good Time LLC, has fled to Canada after admitting that he used 18 wheelers to transport stolen cargo like electronics and designer clothing and then burying the high-dollar stolen goods.

Southwestern Cargo Thief Foiled By GPS Tracking Device

The thefts occurred at truck stops on the I-40 corridor in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. After being repeatedly hit by Pricop’s thefts, one trucking company put GPS tracking devices in a shipment of Bose speakers which was eventually stolen. In February the tracking device led authorities to a storage unit in Grand River.

Feds Find Pricop at Storage Unit Full of Stolen Cargo

Pricop was at the storage unit at the time and admitted to the cargo thefts. Feds seized everything in the unit, including stolen goods, guns, and marijuana. Records indicate that Pricop was not arrested during this raid.

The next day, police believe that Pricop dug up buried money and stolen goods and fled with his family across the border.

When federal agents raided Pricop’s residence, they discovered that the “truck driver” had turned his sprawling property into a luxurious mansion in a remote corner of Oakland County. They discovered about $1 million in stolen goods and a $500,000 Ferrari. They also discovered empty storage tubes that were used to seal up and bury stolen goods.

Neighbors Reported Suspicious Truck Activity for Years

Pricop’s neighbors had complained about strange truck traffic and noise for years and reported that the transformation that Pricop had made to his home over 7 to 8 years was suspicious. They say that they are now worried that “treasure hunters” will show up looking for more buried goods.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has moved to have the stolen goods forfeited to the government.

If caught, Pricop faces 10 years for transporting stolen goods across state lines.


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