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FitnessBlender: A Free Resource For Workouts, Nutrition Plans, and Fitness Facts


If you’re looking for a way to improve your fitness levels on the road, it can be tough to get the right information and motivation that you need. That’s why websites like FitnessBlender are such a valuable (and free!) resource for truckers of all fitness levels. That’s why FitnessBlender is a great guide to help you figure out exactly what your body needs to get stronger and be healthier. Fitnessblender gives you access to hundreds of workout videos, eating plans, and health information, all commercial and ad-free.

The History of FitnessBlender

The website is a massively successful start-up that’s been around since 2010. It was founded by a husband (who is a personal trainer) and wife (who is a health counselor) team who have created hundreds of exercise videos over the past five years by themselves on a shoestring budget. They left their full-time jobs to run FitnessBlender full time in 2012. They’ve now reached almost 2 million YouTube subscribers.

Customize Your Own Fitness Journey

With over 400 videos available, you can use the site to customize a workout program to fit your goals. Videos range from quick 5 minute stretching workouts to brutal 90-minute sessions that burn over 1000 calories at a time. Whether you want to do cardio, weight training, yoga, Tabata, Pilates, boxing or stretching, Fitnessblender has a workout to meet your needs. The videos have a motivating calorie counter in the bottom corner and a timer to let you know exactly how long you have left in your workout.

The website also offers healthy recipes at no cost. They offer nutritionist-built meal plans that even include a grocery list to make healthy eating a no-brainer. They also make videos offering advice to readers about exercise and nutrition.

Have a stressed out, sore lower back? Here’s an easy workout to stretch out those muscles!

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