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Florida Trucker Running For President In 2016


A trucker from Tampa Bay with over 25 years of experience behind the wheel is hoping to change the world for the better by running for president in 2016.

John Raffone, 50, filed to be on the Democratic ticket in April of this year. He says that he chose to run because he is “just an average worker that is tired of working for nothing”.

He says that he’s fulfilling a childhood dream by running for the nation’s highest office — and he has some definite plans for his presidency. He wants to toughen up immigration laws and to put more average Americans worker into office.

Raffone admits that he has a tough road to the White House. He says,  “I know I have a long shot, being an over-the-road driver.”

On his Facebook page, Raffone has spelled out some of his plans for change, which you can read below (sic), or connect with him via Facebook here:

1) Remove the lobbyist
2) Congress & senate do 2 terms of 4yrs each also replace all with younger blue collar workers
3) All judges do 2 terms of 5yrs each
4) Secure all the borders and have our military patrol the areas near Mexico
5) Redesign all roads to separate the trucks and cars
6) Restructure all public schools
7) Create cheap housing for all homeless people
8) Remove the F.E.T. on all new trucks & parts
9) Hold the financial banks for home loans responsible for the foreclosures
10) National gas tax .25 cpg the tax is already in place by each state
11) National diesel tax .35 cpg same for here
12) Restructure all DMV on issuing anybody with a CDL for big trucks
13) Require all truck driving schools to be a 500 course
14) Require all trucking companies that train new drivers to do a 2-month training
15) All states that have a split speed limit on all big trucks will not receive any federal funding and will be fined also of $1 million per accidents involved with a big truck
16) Income tax flat rate of ?
17) Immigration rules
a) You will have 3yrs to speak English before you can get a job
b) You cannot get any welfare at all
c) You will be issued temporary housing if needed
18) All cities will be audited
19) New HOS
18 Hrs of driving
9 Hrs take a 2-hour break
126 hrs per week
New drivers pay
$18.00 per hour 0 – 6 mo
$20.00 per hour 6 – 1.5 yrs
Experienced drivers
$30.00 per hour 2 yrs to 4 yrs
$35.00 per hour 2 yrs to 6 yrs
$40.00 per hour 6 yrs plus
Off duty/sleeper time while not at home
$20.00 per hour
Not sure about this idea but how about time and a half over 40 hours
20) Close the borders reopen the US military bases
21) Revoke all visas from the middle east area
22) Close down the IRS and the federal reserve
25) Use the resources we have and keep the media out of it to deal with Isis
26) The people will decide on what congress and the Senate will get paid
27) Welfare is for the people that cannot work period
Without having your input on what I have posted nothing will get fixed.
I know there is a lot of concern about my ideas
The fuel tax is already in place by each state not federal do your research
The rates I posted are by today standards
The immigrant population cannot get welfare they will get temporary housing if they meet the requirements to stay in the United States
I’m not raising any taxes I’m planning on removing most unnecessary taxes that has been draining the people’s pockets

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