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Freightliner Debuts ‘SuperTruck’


Freightliner this week debuted a new, fuel-efficient truck called the SuperTruck.

The SuperTruck was inspired by a 2009 U.S. Department of energy challenge to Diamler Trucks North America to develop a “highly efficient ‘SuperTruck’ that’s at least 50% more fuel efficient with an engine that’s at least 50% more freight efficient with an engine that shows at least 50% brake thermal efficiency.”

Five years and $80 million later, the SuperTruck was born.

Freightliner says the SuperTruck is the prime result of “what is possible when experts across Daimler, universities and national labs unite in the pursuit of peak performance.”

What makes the SuperTruck different from other trucks on the highway is its innovative aerodynamic design, powertrain integration, parasitic losses, lightweight design, energy management and waste heat recovery.

Freightliner’s SuperTruck not only met but exceeded the U.S. Department of Energy’s goal.  The SuperTruck achieved 115% freight efficiency and 50.2% brake thermal energy.

Most impressive, the SuperTruck achieves 12.2 miles per gallon.

“Our trucks set new standards for fuel economy, payload capacity, and operational efficiency. We’re listening to our customer council, anticipating more emissions regulation changes and leveraging the global network of Daimler, by using its Advanced Engineering group, to find solutions for the problems of tomorrow,” Freightliner states.

Side Note: I saw this truck on Interstate 70 in Missouri this weekend.  I can tell you, this truck is a head turner.




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