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Gadget Review: Tile


Do you lose your keys? Your wallet? – Your log book? 

For those of us who tend to misplace things, Tile might just be the answer. It is a small square that you can attach to practically anything that uses a Bluetooth LE signal and an app on your smartphone to help you recover a lost item. It also has a hole in one corner to help it attach easily to a key ring.

Benefits of Tile

The obvious benefit of using Tile is that the odds that you’ll find your lost remote control increase pretty dramatically. And it is very simple to use. If you can’t find a ’tiled’ object, you simply go into the app and tap “Find” and your Tile will emit a ringing sound while the app basically tells you if you’re getting hotter or colder until you find the lost item.

Drawbacks To Using Tile

The downside? Because Tile uses a Bluetooth signal, it only has a range of 50-150 feet. So if you left your log book at a truck stop 200 miles back, you might be in trouble. Unless, of course, there is another Tile user in the area, in which case, your app will borrow that user’s Bluetooth signal to help track down your item. So the more popular Tile becomes, the greater the odds that you’ll get your stuff back.

Another massive problem with Tile? The battery is only designed to last for about a year. So if you’re already absentminded enough to misplace things often enough to need a product like Tile, the odds that you’ll remember to replace your Tile every year are probably not great.

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