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Got A Problem? Get An Onion.


The time has come to think outside of the box — when it comes to onions.

Eating onions is a tasty way to fight cancer, detoxify your body, and lower your cholesterol. But you can use onions for a variety of other non-food purposes in and around your truck.

Not convinced that you should toss a couple of onions into your cab? Here are some reasons that you should.

Surprising Ways Onions Can Make Your Life Easier

 1. Keep frost from forming on your windshield. One of the most surprising (but handy) things you can do with an onion is to keep your windshield frost-free. Simply halve an onion and rub the cut side all over your windshield at night and you shouldn’t have to deal with frost in the morning.

2. Remove rust. The sulphanilic acid in onions work to break up the hydrogen ions that make up rust, helping you to remove it. Rub a cut onion on a rusty surface until the rust is removed.

3. Soothe a bee sting. Warmer weather means more pesky insects. If you get stung by a bee, rub a cut onion on over the sting to relieve the pain.

4. Repel insects. It probably won’t make you popular at parties, but if you’re being attacked by mosquitos or flies, rubbing onion on your skin is an effective way to keep them away from you.

 5. Freshen the interior of your cab. Onions are great odor absorbers. If you place onion slices in some water, it can help to fight that diesel fume odor, the smell of old food, or any lingering pet odors.

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