We’ve reviewed a few pieces from GraphicAudio now and we have to say, we love it. Nothing from them is just an audiobook. It’s a movie, a story playing out in your imagination with all of the voices, sounds, and tones pulling you in.

We highly recommend that you check out the third installment of the series Earth Blood called Aurora Quest.

Upon returning from a deep space mission, the crew of U.S vessel ‘Aquila’ finds that civilization has been wiped from the earth. All that remains is a dark and nightmarish wasteland where it is kill or be killed. In search of shelter and holding onto what little hope they have left, the crew sets out to west to a secret base called Aurora, what may be their only hope of escaping this grisly planet they’ve returned to.

On the way to Aurora they encounter past, present, and future dangers. One in particular is incredibly deadly. What will come of their home? What will become of them? What exactly is Aurora? Who is in charge of it? – And the biggest question, what happened to earth?

You do not want to miss this story. It has a runtime of 6 hours and is sure to keep you guessing until its final moments.

Aurora Quest was Written by James Axler and Directed by Timothy Lynch.

The GraphicAudio app is available on both iOS and Android.

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