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Identity Theft and Truck Drivers: A Growing Problem


In the digital era, no one’s data or identity are ever completely secure. This is threat is even bigger for truck drivers, who are often especially vulnerable to identity theft. Even worse, truck drivers are often responsible for thousands of dollars worth of product, making them an even more attractive target for scammers.

The Threat to Truck Drivers

For years now, thieves have been stealing truck driver’s identities in order to steal their cargo, a practice called a “fictitious pick-up”. Because so much of a driver’s information is readily available online, thieves are able to collect enough data to be able to pass as the driver of a legitimate company, enabling them to bypass security measures that are in place to prevent this. They are often able to steal thousands of dollars worth of freight by simply loading it into their own trucks and driving off with it.

Fighting Fictitious Pick-Ups

While drivers may not always be able to fight identity theft and fictitious pick-ups, there are things that they can do to make them less likely to happen.

— Try not to let your cargo sit for long periods of time if you can help it. If you are moving, you can be pretty sure that no one is stealing from you. Of course, this isn’t always an option, but if you suspect your freight might be in danger and you have the choice, keep moving.

— Keep your personal data secure. While it is a bit annoying to change passwords for devices frequently, it can help to protect you from costly identity theft. Avoid opening suspicious-looking email. In fact, if you are unsure who the sender of any email is, you’re better off deleting it.

— Be extra careful on Thursdays and Fridays. These are the days when most cargo theft occurs.

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