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Illinois Lawmakers Pursue Stricter Penalties For Truck Drivers


State Representative John Cabello introduced new legislation that would stiffen the punishment for truck drivers who are in violation of safety regulations.

Harsher Penalties for Driving While Fatigued

Cabello’s proposed law comes after last month’s conviction of Renato Velasquez, a truck driver involved in an accident with toll worker Vince Petrella and State Trooper Doug Balder. Balder was severely injured and Petrella was killed in the accident. Valasquez was convicted on charges of felony charges of operating a commercial motor vehicle while fatigued. He was also found guilty on two counts of failure to comply with hours of service requirements.

Increased Punishment for Non-Compliant Truck Drivers

The new laws would increase penalties for truck drivers who violate safety regulations and are involved in accidents that result in death to a Class 2 felony. If the person is injured but not killed in the accident, it would result in a Class 3 felony. The new legislation would target drivers like Velasquez who are believed to willfully ignore safety violations.

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