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Indiana State Police Uses Facebook To Connect To Truckers


An Indiana State Police officer is using Facebook as a way to work with — not against — the local trucking community.

Officer Brent Hoover created the Hoover Club page on Facebook as a way for state police and local truckers to get on the same page. Through the page, truckers who have questions about regulations or safety issues can get the information that they need without worrying about getting a citation or being put out of service.

Hoover says the Facebook page is a way for both truckers and police to get their jobs done and keep the roads safe: “It’s good to get good inspections, so kind of changing that mentality that just because we’re behind you, just because we are conducting a truck inspection, may not mean you’ve done anything wrong.”

Hoover says that he focuses on answering questions in a way that gives other truck drivers a head up about impending issues and starts a conversation among the trucking community.

The Hoover Club Facebook page already has over 2,500 likes and has reached truckers from all across the country and even in Canada.

Connect to the Hoover Club Facebook page here.

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