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Insurance: Are You Covered?


By Heidi O.

Recently, I have had many trucker’s wives tell me of their husbands having heart attacks or being exposed to carbon dioxide or even having an accident while working. Most have insurance coverage so their medical bills are taken care of, but they struggle with the household bills and finding ways to pay these.

Have you ever thought of getting AFLAC? I used to be under the impression that you had to work for a company and the company had to offer AFLAC for you to get covered; however, recently I have found out that any individual can obtain the coverage on their own!

AFLAC is beneficial for all families. Every family has unpredictable circumstances that could cause us to be put in need of financial support for either medical expenses or just daily living expenses. AFLAC is different from health insurance. It is actually insurance that quickly puts cash in your hands if you are hurt or sick to help you pay medical expenses and most importantly provide for you and your family in your time of need.

AFLAC offers a wide range of products that fit most budgets. The plans offered can benefit any family; however, some there are some occupations that AFLAC agent, Jaleesha Pete, says could benefit even more. The accident policy would be well-suited for occupations such as police officers, firefighters, truck drivers, nurses, construction workers, and those who participate in hazardous activities such as motorcycle riding, mountain/rock climbing, etc.

AFLAC’s health related plans are needed by anyone and everyone, especially those who have a higher risk of family history of major illnesses like cancer or critical events like heart attacks or strokes.

These plans are available in most states and qualifying for the coverage can be fairly simple. As long as there is no recent diagnosis of any major health problems and you can answer the underwriting questions, you can be eligible.

AFLAC plans are affordable, claims are easy and accessible and paid to the policy owner quickly. So, why NOT have AFLAC? They are the best in supplemental coverage.

To obtain a quote for AFLAC today, you can call 866-660-0747.

This would be a start to a good backup plan to help take care of your family in a medical financial need.


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