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Investigative Reporter Shames Man Who Defrauds Truckers On Camera


A Detroit investigative reporter made a trucking “businessman” with a shady past and a history of tricking truckers out of their money squirm in the most satisfying local news segment we’ve seen in a long time.

Bob Anderson of North South Leasing isn’t likely to forget the day he met “Hall of Shame” Investigative Reporter Rob Wolchek. Wolchek had already delved deep into Anderson’s checkered past, uncovering well-documented insurance fraud schemes, false identity schemes, embezzlement charges, and assault convictions. Wolchek also came armed with a litany of complaints from local trucking employees about Anderson’s shady business practices — accusations of check theft, chair throwing, and changing the name of his business to collect payments from the company that previously occupied that office space.

Wolchek’s attacks on Anderson’s practices produced such funny exchanges as:

Wolchek: “You’re kind of a snake.”

Bob: “OK. You can say that.”

The highlight of Wolchek’s alternately hilarious and cringe-inducing report was the moment that a confident Anderson let him go through the file of an Alabama trucker who paid him $3000 for a truck only to have Anderson claim that he’d only received $750 from the trucker. On camera, Wolchek easily finds the “missing” check in the trucker’s file — starting a tsunami of backtracking and embarrassed apologies from Anderson.

Take a look at the can’t-miss video below!

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