Road Rage Fighting Car Seat

A new device called the “Active Wellness Seat” monitors drivers for stress and promises to help combat road rage.

The car seat, manufactured by Faurecia, uses a biometric sensing system to monitor the physical and emotional state of a driver. The seat monitors a driver’s heart rate and respiration rate and responds to the data it gathers. So if the seat determines that a driver is stressed out, it delivers a relaxing massage and a “warm sensation” that is designed to relax him or her (only if the driver accepts via touch screen invitation).

On the other hand, if the seat determines that a driver is getting tired (indicated by lower heart rate or respiration), it offers a vigorous, energizing massage and a blast of cool air to stimulate the driver.

The seat also works with wearable devices.

The seat makers worked with NASA engineers and Spine Research Institute at Ohio State University to refine the technology going into the seat.

NBC News


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