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Why You Should Keep a Bottle of Peroxide In Your Truck


Peroxide has long been a household staple for many, but it isn’t just great at cleaning out cuts, it has many uses! Here are a few things that peroxide can do:

1. Clean out and disinfect cuts.

2. Peroxide removes blood stains from clothing, carpet, upholstery, etc.  Pour a small amount over the stain and watch it bubble away.

3. Gargle with peroxide and to prevent gum disease or to soothe infected gums.  (DON’T swallow)

4. Use peroxide as a surface disinfectant.  Apply peroxide to a cloth and wipe down your cutting board, refrigerator, etc.

5. Peroxide removes sweat stains from clothing.  Simply pour a small amount of peroxide on stained area, let it sit and then throw the garment in the washing machine.

6. Peroxide treats athlete’s foot, softens corns and callouss.

7. Use peroxide in your laundry to get rid of the washing machine’s mildew smell.

8. Use a tsp of peroxide in a cup of water to rinse/clean your fruit and vegetables.

9. Gargle with peroxide and water to soothe canker sores. (DON’T swallow)

10. Apply 6-8 drops of peroxide to an infected ear, or soak a cotton ball in peroxide and then put the cotton ball in the infected ear.

There are many other uses for peroxide and it’s inexpensive.

Image Credit: Jeffrey B. Banke / Shutterstock.com


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