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Keep A Bottle Of Vinegar In Your Truck


If you don’t keep a bottle of vinegar in your truck at all times, you should! Vinegar can be used for all sorts of things, from cooking to cleaning to health care.

Here are some other uses for vinegar you might not have been aware of:

Cleaning- Use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water to clean hard surfaces in your truck or to scrub spots in your upholstery or carpets.

Revitalize Leather- If your leather seats have lost their shine, use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and linseed oil.  Shake up the mixture and spray it on your upholstery and rub it off with a soft cloth.

Buff out scratches in woodwork-  If you have a wooden dash that has scratches in it, use a mix of distilled vinegar and iodine mixture and paint over the scratches with a fine brush.

Get rid of smoke stink- If your truck belonged to a smoker and you can’t seem to get the lingering smoke smell to vanish, pour white or apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle and spray down all upholstered surfaces.  The odor of vinegar will be strong for a few days, but once it disappears, so will the smoke smell. You can also dip a cloth in vinegar, wring it out and put the damp cloth somewhere in your truck.  This will help penetrate the smoky odor.

Shine your chrome- Use vinegar to clean and shine your chrome. Fill a spray bottle with undiluted white vinegar and spray a light mist to your chrome.  Buff it out with a soft cloth.

Disinfect cutting boards- To disinfect cutting boards, wipe them after use with full-strength white vinegar.

Clean a thermos or coffee cup- Fill the thermos or coffee mug with warm water and add 1/4 cup of white vinegar, shake well and rinse. Let the cup or thermos air dry.

Clean windshield wiper blades- Use full-strength white vinegar to wipe down your windshield wiper blades.

Deice your windshield- Mix 3 parts white vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your windshield.

For more uses of vinegar, follow this link to Reader’s Digest. 

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