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Keeping Your Laundry Fresh While On the Road


When you’re gone for weeks at a time, it can be hard to keep your laundry fresh.  Even though a majority of truck stops have washers and dryers, it can get expensive and time-consuming to wash all of your laundry.

Here are some ways to spruce up your laundry while you’re on the road.

Tide Pens and Shout Wipes

Tide Pens and Shout Wipes are great for spot cleaning and stain pre-treating.  They’re cheap and easy to store while you’re on the road.   Simply rub the spot with a Tide Pen or Shout Wipe and the stain will most likely disappear. Even if it doesn’t completely disappear, the detergent will act as a highly effective pre-treater.

Layer your clean laundry with fabric softener sheets-

Just like a lasagna, place a fabric softener sheet in between your freshly laundered articles of clothing. This will keep them smelling fresh and clean for weeks to come.

Store your clean laundry in zipper bags-

If you do a lot of cooking in your truck, you know the left-over odor of cooked food can permeate all the surfaces of your cab.  This can leave your clothes with the lingering odor, as well.  Storing your clothes in zipper bags keeps your laundry smelling fresher, longer.

Spritz your laundry with Febreze-

Hang the garment you want to wear, spritz it with some Febreze and let it air dry.  If your garment is wrinkled, give it a few more spritzes and pull the garment tight. This will help freshen up your garment and it will help eliminate wrinkles in the fabric.

As soon as a garment is soiled, store it away from your clean laundry-

Don’t let your soiled laundry commingle with your clean laundry.  If you have room in your cab, keep your soiled laundry stored away from your clean laundry.  Odors from your soiled laundry can permeate your clean laundry.


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