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Ladies Only: Shower Bag Essentials


We ladies have our own set of necessities. Wether you’re hitting the road for the first time, or you’re taking a trip with your significant other, here’s our list of shower bag essentials.

Dry shampoo- Let’s face it, after a long day on the road, the hassle of showering and washing your hair, then drying it can be daunting.  Dry shampoo allows you to go longer between washes.  Plus, washing your hair less often is actually better for it! Dry shampoo absorbs dirt and excess oil in your hair.

Makeup remover wipes-If you don’t have time to hit the shower before bed, makeup remover wipes are a must! The pre-moistened wipes remove your make up and clean your face.

Nail clippers and file- If you’re going to be tarping loads or helping load or unload the truck, your nails are going to get trashed.  Even though I keep mine short, they still get snagged on things.  Keep a pair of nail clippers and a file on hand to stave off those annoying hangnails. If you value your manicure, invest in a pair of good work gloves.

Oil absorbing powder or pads- Being on the road can wreak havoc on your skin.  The occasional greasy truck stop meal and constant change in climate can cause your face to get oily.  Use oil absorbing pads or powders to remove excess oil from your skin.

Adult bath wipes- Adult bath wipes are great for runners, athletes or anyone who wants to freshen up.

All-in-one shave gel and body wash- Cut down on all that you have to carry by investing in a rich, creamy shower gel that can double as shaving cream.

Flip Flops- Buy a couple of pairs of cheap, plastic flip flops that can be worn in the shower, and wear them in the shower.

Extra hygienic item- Truck stops prices are often quite a bit higher than big box stores, and sanitary items are no exception.  Stock up on sanitary items before hitting the road.

Ladies, what other essentials would you add to this list?








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