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Man Stabs Truck Driver In Head With Screwdriver


A truck driver is not expected to survive after he was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver in Independence, MO, on Saturday morning.

Argument Began Over Paperwork

Police were called to the scene after witnesses claimed that the truck driver and 31-year-old Kansas City man Hersi Abdi became involved in an altercation about money and paperwork.

Abdi claimed that he stabbed the truck driver in self-defense, but surveillance video allegedly told a different story.

Video Reportedly Captures Stabbing

Police say that the video shows the victim opening up the door of his yellow 18 wheeler while Abdi climbed in. Then both Abdi and the victim exited the truck and engaged in a physical fight. The video reportedly shows Abdi striking the truck driver in the side of the head with an object.

Authorities say that the victim does not appear to have made any threatening gestures toward Abdi.

Police say that they found several screwdrivers near the driver’s side door of Abdi’s truck.

Abdi and Victim Had History of Conflict

Abdi claims that he and the victim have had conflicts for the past several weeks. He also claimed the victim left him a threatening voice message.

The truck driver is in the hospital in critical condition.

The prosecution has asked for a $250,000 bond for Abdi.

Kansas City Star


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