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Men Charged With Fueling Trucking Company With Stolen Diesel


Two men are facing charges after Greenfield, Indiana authorities say that they stole thousands of dollars worth of diesel to fuel their own trucking company.

Jaswinder Singh and Harpreet Sandhu are accused of theft and corrupt business influence after authorities say that they stole 1,800 gallons of fuel from Jackson Oil & Solvents in Greenfield to benefit their trucking company, California Freight.

In three separate thefts occurring from December until April, Singh and Sandhu allegedly made off with $6500 worth of fuel.

Surveillance video from each of the incidents showed an 18-wheeler parked on top of the station’s manhole cover for about 45 minutes before driving away. The video showed a man walking back and forth outside of the truck while it was parked.

On May 4, a Greenfield police officer caught Singh and Sandhu in the act. Upon inspecting the truck, police found holes in the truck’s floorboards connecting to battery powered pumps attached to a 1500 gallon fuel tank.

The men have been released on a $10,000 bond pending further hearings.

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