Big Rig Sleep Noise

If you’re like many truck drivers, you get so used to hearing the sound of rushing wind and rubber rolling on asphalt that it’s hard to sleep or relax without it.

If this sounds like you, consider checking out the White Noise app, which has a Big Rig sound setting that is perfect for drivers who crave the sound of their trucks when they’re on hometime.

White Noise describes their Big Rig sound:

Feel the warm wind on your shoulder and the sunlight in your face as you listen to the sound of a big rig being driven down an interstate lane with the windows open. Pairs of huge tires sing in harmony as they hurtle along the open road while the sound of passing traffic flows in through the windows. Gusts of wind wash unabated through the open window, conveying a true sense of weight and speed while the engine hums dutifully in front of valuable cargo.

While many white noise apps offer options like “Babbling Brook” or “Forest Noises”, the White Noise app offers such as “Orchestra Warm Up”, “Tokyo Train”, and “Idling Dragster”.

You can download the White Noise app for free here:

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