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More Types of Trucker Spouses


By: Heidi O.

Recently I wrote an article on types of trucker spouses. There was such a great feedback on ones that I was missing, I decided to get them all together and make sure I covered the rest.

Remember, this is strictly for humor and not to be taken seriously in any way! The ability to laugh at just about anything is one of the greatest traits you can have being either a trucker or a trucker’s spouse!

So, here are some more types of trucking spouses:

1) The Spouse Who Also Drives – this spouse either drives team with their spouse or drives their own truck. They are just like another driver so they don’t get much said about them. They have to have a hard exterior but are usually very soft on the inside.

2) The Couponing Spouse – this spouse saves money by clipping coupons and has probably stockpiled more items than one family can possibly use in a lifetime. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on if the family actually uses ALL the products that are purchased.

3) The #TeamTruckingCompany Spouse – This is the spouse who finds something to love about EACH trucking company that their driver is a part of. They never seem to find any flaws with any company and look at you in shock or react when you speak harshly of said company.

4) The Organic Trucker’s Spouse – Everything, everyone, every piece and every part of this spouses household is organic. This spouse only shops at organic food stores and farmer’s markets.

5) The Direct Sales Spouse – This is the spouse who has pretty much obtained a PhD in direct sales and has sold for every company in the direct sales world. If you want to order anything from Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, Avon, Mary Kay, Jamberry, BeachBody, Shakeology, AmWay, and Jewelry in Candles, this spouse is the one you want to call.

These are just a few more of the types of spouses I have come across. Maybe if you or your spouse didn’t fit in one of the first categories, you may fit into one of these.

Hope you all enjoyed!


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