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MotorMood: Company Wants To Boost Highway Happiness With Emoticons


A California start-up called MotorMood wants to make the world a happier place by developing a vehicle accessory that lets drivers send a light up smiley face to others on the road.

MotorMood is simply a light up smiley face icon that is attached to the back window of a vehicle. The device is controlled by a button mounted to the sun visor, which lights up the smiley face for six seconds. The device’s creator’s claim that MotorMood’s good vibes are visible for up to 30 feet.

The company says that the smiley face is a way for a motorist to thank another driver for, say, letting him into his lane or turning off his brights. They even say that it could help to fight road rage.

If you think that MotorMood has the potential to make the highway a happier place, you can support them at their KickStarter page.

Detractors say that MotorMood will be just one more thing to distract and endanger drivers on the road.

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