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Ms. Manners: Driving, Not A Secondary Task


By: A. H. Bosley

DRIVING! I LOVE IT. It is what we do after all.

When any of us are out driving, even if only in our cars or pick-up truck – whatever your driving, it is your primary task. It has no secondary. It is a privilege, not a right and it takes eye-hand coordination to make it work. Both functions working together.

An actual truck driver, someone that should know better, drove by today, passing while reading a book. I’m not kidding you. She had her book opened up and it was laying on the steering wheel. I am not going to go into company and truck number but I should. It is unacceptable. Distracted drivers, whether it be drivers playing or texting with the cell phones, reading, watching a T.V., doing their makeup, or talking on a phone without a hands-free device, are a threat on the road. It is dangerous and irresponsible.

I came up on a driver and he was all over the road. I was afraid to pass him. When I finally did pass he was texting. Not trying to hide it at all. He couldn’t hold his lane and was close, several times, to causing an accident. I am sure he thought his driving was fine and no one noticed his erratic behavior in his driving.

I have heard people say, I can do it, no problem. I text one handed, so no problem. I say, but what about your eyes? Where are they? Then your brain, what is your focus on? It is not on the road and that’s for sure.

I don’t care who you are, you can’t drive and text or any other thing that takes your focus off the road. It’s like driving drunk. No one can do it safely. So
Please put it down, put it aside, it can wait. If it can’t, pull over. Get hands-free or don’t do it. Driving ANY vehicle is primary and NO ONE is an exception to that rule.

For those that think they must respond immediately there are a few apps out there that will send a message for you, letting friends and family know you are driving and you will talk to them soon. Check out the different ones, most are free.

Please be safe out there.



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