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Ms. Manners: Help DON’T Hinder


By A.H. Bosley

Trucking has always been sort of a family. I know things will never get back to the way they used to be in our industry, and I am not saying that things were ever perfect back in the day – but they were far better. The difference is that drivers are driving their rigs like they are in their family cars, let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT!

• A trucker should never cut off another trucker.
• Never sit beside each other matching speed.
• If someone got up there beside you, let him pass you.

If you see a RIGHT LANE ENDS sign, and you are passing another truck, move up or lay off the fuel and let a guy move over. You shouldn’t have attempted to pass anyone if there is a lane ending. You have just blocked him off when you knew the lane was ending and for Pete’s sake, NO PASSING ON THE RIGHT. This has always been a dangerous move for cars and semis alike. If I have to explain this to you, well brother – all I can say is, you better park that thing and find a new career.

I’m not saying EVER I’m saying, give the guy a chance to move over before doing so, as in last resort to get by. You could call him on the CB, politely, you could get behind him/her and sit there for a few minutes. If this doesn’t work, move to the right for another minute then get back behind him. This is a clear message that you simply would like to pass but can’t, and could you please move over so I can? Now, I know this is the PG version of what some may be yelling in their cab but really, that’s all it is. No one is out to get you, or out drive you. They simply want to pass and continue on their work day.

Relax, calm down. Every one of us is out here doing a job and it is far better that what others are forced to do for a living. I know we all get bothered by vehicles cutting us off, driving slow and not giving us the room we need to operate on a daily basis. But it is the price of doing business out here and If it’s too much for you – to the point where you can’t control your anger 99% of the time, I’m just saying, it is something to think about.

Please be safe out there this summer. Families are out and about going to unknown places and their driving is, well, less than good, LOL. We are the professionals, Get er’ Done!



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