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Ms. Manners: Information, Stories, Humor & Maybe A Song


By: A.H. Bosley

I use to sit back and watch people – even as a kid, usually laughing and amused at people trying to back their boats down at our local boat launch. I still like to do this today, of course, not as often as I would like to. Sitting by the water relaxes me and I enjoy the sun and the humor of people in general.

I have found a same bit of that same relaxation while watching people in the truck stops. It was better of course, when we could all talk together on the C.B. – but since the communication on the C.B. has diminished almost down to nothing, any banter between drivers and or just plain old fashioned information, has cut down on the humor of truck stops and or being connected to the trucking community as a whole. In humor I don’t mean it by sitting there making fun of others and just plain bullying.

It’s was always just fun to talk to people like ourselves, truckers. We all share the job, while others the career, as for some, trucking is in the blood. I’m not sure why the C.B. has fallen away, but in doing so has taken away part of being a trucker. Communicating, sharing, helping another trucker with news of trouble ahead, and detours that WOULD be available. Letting one know of road debris and emergency vehicles. Big Rigs on the side of the road YOU NEED TO MERGE OVER FOR, or maybe just talk about great places to eat or find a local certified scale in a new area. The C.B. is not just for pointing out bears. I think, with company trucks all being governed, no one can actually do the speed limit, and thus think you don’t need a C.B., but you do. I can’t stress this enough. A C.B. is part of your truck and your truck is incomplete without one.

A lot has been lost but not forgotten, yet!

It is not for meanness, rude belligerent remarks, strange noises, however they are for some fun. You can’t take everything so personally on it.

Everything in moderation. We all find different things funny and interesting. However, people who are hateful on the C.B., well they need to be ignored. Don’t feed them, that’s what they want. I know a few guys who like to “start stuff” as they think it’s humorous if they can get some of you going. So if you DON’T like the conversation just go on with your day. Shut off the C.B. for a few miles NOT FOREVER. I love going down the road listening in to a couple of guys talking. It was the original xm radio. You got stories, humor, news, and an occasional song.

We as truckers are alone out here, and miles from our homes. We are a community unto itself and should be able to depend on one another, talk to one another, and not just criticize one another. Truck drivers have always been a proud bunch. Proud of our rigs, knowledge of the road, a good bit of driving, and the power of our radios.

So many new drivers today who don’t really care about trucking. They are in company trucks that all look the same. Dispatchers who never trucked, and no real mentors to teach. We see someone doing wrong and we do nothing, say nothing. We don’t stick up for other truckers. We are not in touch with each other. You are not driving your car. There are rules of the road. Tested and true through many years of those before us. We don’t cut each other off. We don’t drive around someone backing. We don’t flash our high beams, we don’t leave someone stranded. We talk to each other. We say what we see and give heads up to those behind us.

We are truckers and I am proud to be one. Have always loved trucks and always wanted to drive one. If you don’t have it in you to help, don’t hinder. Meanness is the truest form of weakness.

Trucking is not just a profession, it is a way of life.


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