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Ms. Manners: One Of Those Days


By: A. H. Bosley

Today was one of those days, and I found myself broken down on the side of the road.

So there I am with my flashers on, with my three triangles properly placed and the hood open. I’m searching for any tell-tale sign of my problem under the hood, when I was nearly killed by a vehicle swooping all too close. Now that’s bad enough, but I also had several company trucks and three owner-operators pass by me without ever giving up an inch of extra room when able to do so. There they were, just barreling down that right granny lane without even slowing down.

Now if you have never been in this circumstance, you may not know that the force of wind – blow back generated between the two trucks while one is still and the other is moving at 70 MPH that closely rocks the heck out of the truck on the side of the road and could possibly slam the hood down on the individual looking in it.

I know there is no sign that says move left for fellow motorists like they do for emergency service vehicles. The same dangers are present for us as for an officer or a guy working on his truck. Whether tow truck, DOT, mowing or a crew picking up trash we move over. I think we can manage to do the same for someone that’s broken down. You and I are just as important as anyone else and should be given the same courtesy, no signage needed.

It is not just common courtesy it should be common sense.

I know you can’t always get over but you can give up your pedal every now and then. It is the strong way. Not caring for anyone else is easy and it takes no effort.



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