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Ms. Manners: Private Calls Should Not Be Shared


By A.H. Bosley

A phone call is a personal conversation between you and whoever is on the other end. It is not anything, we are interested in, AT ALL!

Most of us have a hands-free headset for talking on the phone. We use it for ease and safety while driving.

It is impolite to use a hands free device in a public setting or taking on the phone in general as if you were the only one in the room. If you are going to talk, please talk softly. I have had many drivers on the phone in the TV lounge, while checking out their purchases at the cashier, walking around aimlessly in the truck stop, and all shouting in the microphone as if to impress the rest of the population that they have someone to talk to.

Private conversations should be private. If you must continue the conversation, speak softly. It is best done in private, but I know that sometimes it is a must and you have to take the call when doing other business. It shouldn’t be the norm. I’m just asking for you to give the public in general the respect of not getting them involved in your conversation. I’m in a restaurant, the guy next to me is on his phone. He was talking so loud I couldn’t even hold a conversation at my own table.

Also this goes for playing video games. Turn down the volume in public.

Respect is where it all starts.

Trucking is not just a profession, it is a way of life.


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