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Ms. Manners: The CB Radio Can Be A Useful Tool


By A. H. Bosley

Today we have cell phones, iPads, laptop computers, the truckers GPS, satellite radios, Google Maps, video games, Facebook and satellite TV. There isn’t anything we can’t find out, look up, watch, or research right from the cab of our truck – or really from any place in the world, as long as we have a signal.

How the CB Stacks Up Against Other Technology

As old as the CB radio is, as far technology goes, it is still a great tool for truckers. It is the only way that we, as truckers, can communicate directly with each other. We can use it to get information such as smoky reports, road hazards, emergency services on the side of the road or coming up the road behind you, weather conditions, problems with your truck or with your load, local information, talk to the shipper or consignee, and I wonder just how many accidents could be prevented just by monitoring the good old channel 19. Many state and local law officers as well as DOT works still monitor channel 19, not to mention the scale house.

CB Radio: Enhancing Life on the Road

You can trade books, audio books,  DVDs, chains, tools or almost anything like a audio swap market in the truck stops.  A guy could be in need of some cash and sell something he has out of his truck or maybe it’s a going out of business sale. I myself have made many a good deal on my CB. Or maybe I’m picking up some extra equipment or a new something for my truck.

The CB radio is also useful for helping another trucker in need whether in the truck stop or on the side of the road. Yes we use to help each other. Before cell phones we would stop and make sure a trucker was ok especially when we are out in the middle of nowhere. Now it seems we are out of touch with each other.  There is lot of knowledge that is not being passed down from experienced drivers to new drivers.  And there is frankly a lack of respect for each other and our way of life.

Lift yourself up,  talk to each other.  We all do the same type job and have the same exact problems.  Work together and maybe come together again as a force to be reckoned with.

Note: Not all states use channel 19. The west coast uses 17 I think. Canada uses channel 2. For those of you in areas that use other channels please supply us with this information.  I was even told that line haulers use another channel other than 19. Not sure why but please let us know!

Remember,  trucking is not just a profession. It is a way of life.


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