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My Story As A Trucker’s Wife


By: Tricia Barning

The only thing about this life as a truckers wife that is easy is nothing. Letting him leave every week kills you mentally, emotionally, and if you get him home too long it kills you financially.

I hate talking to my friends that have husbands that don’t drive long haul, Because I get so sick of hearing things like, “how do you do it?” I just do. – It’s what he loves, and I’d be selfish to try and take that away.

I used to be selfish. We fought more times than I can count over his love of the road, but after some years I learned that my need and want for him to be home was very selfish and that he was never gonna be happy unless I found a way to let him go be the over-the-road driver he was born to be. The days are long and nights are lonely when he’s not home, but when I know he is close it’s like we are just starting dating!

I get so excited, I make special meals and plan things for us to do in the 48-hours (or so) that’ll he’ll be here, ’cause every second counts. It makes us appreciate each other and our time together too. Another thing I really hate hearing is them saying, “Yeah, I know how you feel.” – Really!! Your husband is home every day – whether it be days or nights. If something happens you can get to your husband or he can get to you. You get to have dinner and see him every night while I lay in bed alone worrying about my husband that is thousands of miles away.

Another thing I really hate hearing is: “Don’t you worry about him cheating?” No – I don’t. I trust my husband, and to think just because he’s away from me he’ll cheat makes you sound ignorant as if your husband couldn’t cheat because he works a block away or comes home at night. News flash, he can. His job has nothing to do with the strength of our love or our marriage. Matter-of-fact; I think our love and marriage may be a little stronger due to not seeing each other every day. It has taught us to appreciate every moment we get together.

As I said before, when I know he’s rolling in, I feel like a teenager again. – I get butterflies in my stomach and all!

Being a trucker’s wife has made me strong and independent. If the toilet breaks, I fix it. If the lawn needs mowed, I do it. I can’t be afraid to do anything, and I’m not. Holidays are arranged to his schedule – birthdays and anniversaries too. Watching my husband leave every week is extremely hard and watching our children’s sad little faces as he rolls out definitely breaks my heart. They don’t always understand why daddy can’t be at their concerts, their award ceremonies, daddy-daughter dances etc…

My husband does his absolute best to be at as many of their functions as possible, but some are not possible. So we video them and we talk on the phone a lot. To some it’s not ideal, but to us, it’s our life. We as the truckers family do a lot of giving to suit our driver and to me it’s all worth it, love the trucker – learn to love the job.

I’ve gone with my husband on the road many times and I’ve seen with my own eyes the way people treat him, and it makes me so mad to know that my husband gets treated badly. He’s the reason you have food in your stores. Other drivers are the reason you have clothes on your back, and everything you use in your daily life. – They haul it all!

So the next time you flip-off that trucker because he’s going slow up a hill or takes a lil’ more room to turn, remember that pop in your hand, that meal you’re going home to feed your family, the clothes on your back, hell – the car you’re driving, they brought it to where you bought it!

They sacrifice time with their families to do that for all of you and yours. – So from this trucker’s wife, you’re welcome. All I ask is that you give them the respect they deserve, and give them the space they need. – They have families waiting for them and a job to do as well!


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