Westbound I-10 in Phoenix to shut down this weekend

The Nevada Department of Transportation announced that a portion of State Route 342, south of Gold Hill, due to the roadway cracking and sinking.

Approximately 2 miles of the roadway, between Devils Gate and Gold Hill has been shut down.

Traffic will be detoured to State Route 341.

“Driver safety and mobility are our top priorities,” NDOT District Engineer Thor Dyson explained. “As with much of the area, the section of road was constructed directly over historical mine operations which have been filled in decades ago by others. Our geotechnical engineers, road maintenance staff and others have been very closely monitoring the road as the cracking and sinking appeared over recent weeks. For driver safety and following the weekend rains, we now need to temporarily close the road to reduce safety concerns of potential further roadway sinking or erosion.”

“This is an important route connecting some of the state’s most prized historic communities,” Dyson explained. “We are dedicated to getting the road safely and quickly repaired and open once again.”

State road conditions, updates and maps are available at www.nevadadot.com.

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