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New Missouri Law Relaxes Trucking Restrictions


A new law will soon go into effect that will mean more freedom for some Missouri truck drivers.

Starting August 28, Senate Bill 12 will go into effect. The bill will allow truck drivers to haul up to 85,500 pounds of livestock statewide year round.

In addition, truck drivers hauling grain or grain-related products are now allowed haul up to 10% more than the maximum weight limit allowed in the weight-by-axle chart. This weight exemption only applies during harvest season.

The law only applies to trucks on state highways — truck drivers must still observe posted weight limits on interstate highways and bridges.

MODOT says that truck drivers should check routes before they leave to make sure that they do not exceed bridge weight. Drivers should also pay special attention to their tires and braking systems before setting out with heavier loads.

The heavier truck weights are only valid in Missouri, so make sure to check other state’s weight laws before entering.

[su_document url=”http://www.modot.org/bridgelimits/WeightChart.pdf” width=”700″]

[su_document url=”http://www.modot.org/bridgelimits/August2015LessThanLegalBridges.pdf” width=”700″]

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