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New Product Alert: Zip Grip Go


Though winter weather is (hopefully) over for most of us, the harsh conditions we faced this year have given us a healthy respect for any tool that can help us combat the effects of ice and snow when we’re on the road. That’s why we were curious when we encountered Zip Grip Go.

Potential Benefits of Zip Grip Go

This new product markets itself as an alternative to snow chains. It is a 36 inch long zip tie with tire studs moldedin to help increase traction for vehicles stuck in snow, ice or mud. The makers claim that Zip Grip Go is easier for stranded motorists to install than snow chains. In addition, they are affordable, take up less space than snow chains, and designed with dual directional cleats with double tiered design to provide superior traction results.

Could This Product Work For 18-Wheelers?

While Zip Grip Go is currently being manufactured for 4-wheelers, many wonder if a similar product could make winter weather easier for truck drivers.

You can visit their Kickstarter page to learn more.


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