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Ohio Pushes To Remind Drivers To Move Over


This month, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is making a big push to remind motorists about Ohio’s Move Over Law.

What is the Move Over Law?

Ohio’s Move Over Law is designed to protect the lives of everyone who works on or uses our roadways. The law requires all drivers to move over one lane passing by any vehicle with flashing or rotating lights parked on the roadside.

The original law took effect in 2004 to reduce risk to law-enforcement officers, emergency responders and tow operators. It was expanded in December 2013 to apply to every stationary vehicle with flashing lights, including road construction, maintenance and utility crews.

The Move Over Law requires that all drivers move over to the next lane when passing parked roadside vehicles with flashing or rotating lights. In the event, that moving over isn’t possible due to blocking traffic, inclement weather, or because there isn’t a second lane – drivers are required to slow down and proceed with caution.

Family members of the late, Jack Carpenter Junior (a tow truck driver who was killed last year on State Route 104 while assisting a stranded motorist) are helping the Ohio State Highway Patrol to spread the word regarding the importance of the Move Over Law. Carol Campbell, (Jack’s sister) hopes that sharing his story will be a reminder to drivers to slow down and move over for roadside vehicles.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, 9,308 citations have been issued to motorists that have failed to move over during the past four years. Over the same period, 64 patrol car crashes were “move over” related – one resulting in death and 56 resulting in injuries.

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