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Oversleep Much? A Screaming Meanie Might Be The Answer


Can you sleep through literally anything?

Are you one of those people who says “what storm?” when people start complaining about thunder last night?

Ever miss a drop-off or a pickup time because you overslept?

If you answered yes to these questions, you might be in need of an alarm clock upgrade.

In Need of a REALLY Loud Alarm Clock?

Many truckers swear by the Screaming Meanie as the tool to make them wake up when nothing else works. You’ve probably seen it in truck stops and advertised in the back of trucking magazines. Conceived by trucker Walt Guntharp in the 1990’s as a way to wake up while wearing earplugs to block out the noise and ruckus of a truck stop, the Screaming Meanie promises to be loud and annoying enough to wake you up, no matter what.

Screaming Meanie Features

There are two versions. The 110 isn’t quite as loud and has fewer features. The 220 costs a little more than the 110, but you can set the volume up to 120 decibels (about as loud as a chainsaw) and it offers a sound beacon that you can use in emergencies. The countdown timer feature is great for truckers because you don’t have to worry about time zones. Both versions require you to press 3 buttons to turn it off — definitely a two-hand process that’s hard to pull off if you’re still half asleep. It’s small, lightweight, and runs on a single 9 volt battery. The Screaming Meanie comes in black, yellow, or green.

Of course, 120 decibels can be rough on your hearing, so use this product with caution.

A bonus? The Screaming Meanie can double as a panic alarm if you carry it on you. If you’re in an accident or under attack, you can use it to draw attention to yourself and get help.

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