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PHOTO: Hurry Up and Wait


There’s nothing more frustrating then waiting in a long line at the fuel island.  Typically you’re waiting because some person who thinks his or her time is more valuable than others is inside getting a bite to eat or taking a shower.

This driver snapped a picture of what was holding up the line and posted it to Reddit.

Here’s what Redditer, Isotopi said about the incident:

“Accident. The flat bed hit the van at a pretty good clip. The officers were having a pow-wow not 75ft away when it happened.

“It took them a while to get things sorted. The wreck was right at the entrance to the fuel islands/side lot so tons of trucks were coming in and lining up for fuel (didn’t help speed things up that half of the islands had broken keypads) or trying to park and being bottle necked by the wreck.

“They finally diverted traffic through one fuel lane and over the scales.”




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