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Pickup Passing 18-Wheeler On Shoulder Blamed For I-10 Crash That Killed Trucker


Police say that a black pickup that attempted to pass a truck on the shoulder of I-10 near Slidell is to blame for the crash that sent a truck plunging off the Middle Pearl River, killing the truck driver last night.

Pickup Ran Out of Room Trying to Pass Truck on Bridge

According to state police, conditions were foggy when a pickup truck driver tried to pass a truck on the shoulder but ran out of room. The pickup then swerved into the right lane, hitting an 18-wheeler. That truck swerved and hit another 18-wheeler and one of the trucks crashed through the guardrail and fell into the river below.

Authorities Seek Hit and Run Driver

Police are still searching for the pickup truck driver, who fled the scene.

The identities of the truck drivers involved have not yet been released.

Crews have installed a concrete barrier to replace the 200 feet of guardrail damaged by the crash.

Eastbound lanes reopened around 6:30 a.m.

One westbound lane reopened around 8:45 a.m.

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