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Podcast Worth Listening To: Invisibilia


If you’re looking for a way to pass some time while you’re on the road, you should check out NPR’s new podcast “Invisibilia.”

What Is Invisibilia?

Curiosity is the driving force behind the podcast, which deals with the invisible forces that influence human behavior. You’ll meet a woman who cannot feel fear, a blind man who can safely ride a bike using echolocation, and a lady who can physically feel other people’s emotions. Hosts Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel let the stories unfold in a fascinating way, asking smart but down-to-earth questions about seemingly unbelievable topics. They are both interested in exploring the emotional ramifications of the unusual situations that their guests encounter, which helps to make them more believable.

Keep In Mind…

Some listeners are put off by the similarity between Miller’s voice and Spiegel’s voice — it really is almost impossible to tell which woman is speaking, but the longer you listen, the more you realize that it doesn’t matter. The host’s focus on the incredible stories they share with their audience is the anchor of the show.

Get the Invisibilia podcast on iTunes here:

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