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Jim Harold Podcast

If you like ghost stories and don’t mind creeping yourself out a little bit while you’re behind the wheel, you can’t miss the addictive podcast “Jim Harold’s Campfire!”

Transform Your Truck Into A Creepy Campfire With Ghost Stories on Podcast

Since 2005, Jim Harold has hosted two very successful supernatural podcasts, “The Paranormal Podcast” and “Jim Harold’s Campfire.” His podcasts are regularly among the top podcasts in their categories on iTunes.”Campfire” is a no-nonsense podcast delivering listener generated stories about strange or unusual experiences. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, Harold is an engaging host who asks smart questions and keeps an open mind. Harold is caring, inquisitive, and natural, allowing his guest’s stories to unfold in a natural and engaging way. Callers tell their engaging, (maybe) true stories about strange encounters on the road, ghost activity, and brushes with extraterrestrials, making this podcast an entertaining and eerie choice for late nights on the road!

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See what some of the show’s listeners have to say about “Campfire!”

by Em5555

This podcast is wonderful! It’s every bit as good as Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast. Jim is fantastic at interviewing people: he asks intelligent questions and listens attentively to his guests.

by Jr0d

I have always loved ghost stories. If you know me, that is a really unexpected thing for me to say because i am EXTREMELY scientific. It is all about the subscriber’s ghost stories and is amazing, after just a few episodes I am already hooked. WORTH THE DOWNLOAD.

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