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Police Investigate Truck Driver’s Facebook Brag About 20 Hours Of Driving


The Florida Highway Patrol is delving into a truck driver’s Facebook posts after he allegedly bragged about driving 20 hours straight to get a better paycheck.

“Forget Sleeping, Money Talks”

The post that began to raise suspicions about driver Kerry Cuthbert from Chicago read:

Got here at 9 am loading appt was suppose to start at 4pm Lakeland Florida is 1,470 miles away it gonna take 20 hrs to do this run the white ghost will be sitting in Lakeland Tuesday 6am forget sleeping $$$$ talk

Cuthbert’s questionable run took him from Wisconsin to Lakeland, Florida. Cuthbert also later made Facebook posts claiming he drove 1,100 miles in 20 hours. During the 20 hours, Cuthbert posted videos taken by a handheld device while he was behind the wheel. He appears to have taken a four hour nap after the 20 hours of driving.

Driver Manager: Facebook Posts Were Just Jokes

When a reporter reached out to Cuthbert’s company International Logistics Group, his driver manager said that E-Logs and real time tracking put Cuthbert at a truck stop in Georgia. His Facebook posts indicated that he had just checked into Saddle Creek Logistic Services in Lakeland, however.

Cuthbert’s driver manager said the Facebook posts were just jokes he was making with friends.

All in all, it appears that Cuthbert drove around 1,500 miles in a little over a day.

It is unclear where Cuthbert is or whether he has been contacted by the police.

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