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Proposed Bill To Increase Ohio Speed Limits To 75MPH


One of the many changes on a transportation bill that’s moving through the Ohio Senate could increase speed limits on 570 miles of highway and the Ohio Turnpike from 70 mph to 75 mph.

This limit would only apply to vehicles weighing 8,000 pounds or less (when empty).

According to Gayle Manning, Senate Transportation Chairwoman – the earlier decision to change the speed limit across the state to 70 has had ‘virtually no negative impacts.’ Rural road accident rates have fallen, and traffic flow has improved.

This amendment is part of a $7 billion, transportation budget (for two years) that’s on its way to final Senate approval tomorrow. It’s also been proposed that Ohio join the 20 states that are reserving left lanes (of 3-lane highways) for passing.

Distracted-driving penalties are not expected to be restored to the bill, as those fines were utilized to fund additional driver training.

If the bill passes, Ohio will be the 17th state to implement a rural 75+ mph speed limit.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has not taken an official stance on the proposal.

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