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Proposed Bill Would Allow 91,000 Pound Trucks With Extra Axle


A new proposed bill would allow states to choose to increase the maximum truck weight from 80,000 pounds to 91,000 with a sixth axle.

The Safe, Flexible, and Efficient Trucking Act, proposed by Rep. Reid Ribble, is envisioned as a solution for the nation’s congested highways.

According to Ribble, the bill “will help us safely move more of the things Americans want with fewer trucks taking up space on the road, and it is based on data to ensure that truck stopping times and pavement wear are as good or better than our current trucks.” Lawmakers point out that trucks that carry over 100,000 pounds have been used safely in Canada and Europe for years.

If the bill passes, each state would be free to choose when and where the heavier trucks travel.

The bill expected to be taken up in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee next week.

If the bill passes, this would be the first change to the federal weight limit of Interstate highways since 1982.

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