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As a tanker crew of 5 men embark on a deadly mission into the heart of nazi Germany, they face incredible odds in their heroic attempt to strike behind enemy lines.

Rating: R

Runtime: 2hr 14min


Boyhood is one of the most true and in your face coming of age stories in a long time. From family problems to good times to the first time he falls in love. Follow a boy for 12 years of his life and you are sure to learn a thing or two.

Rating: R

Runtime: 2hr 44min


John thinks he has found the perfect git for his expecting wife. A rare, vintage doll named Annabelle.
Unaware of Annabelle’s past, the family quickly discovers her true being and are confronted with unimaginable terror.
Their home is taken over by a satanic cult and a spirit is conjured up, so violent, that none of them may make it out alive.

Rating: R

Runtime: 1hr 30min

Captain Pillips

When Captain Phillips container ship is taken over by modern day pirates, he and the pirate find themselves at the mercy of something beyond their control.

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 2hr 14min

A walk among the tombstones

An unlicensed private investigator blurs the lines between right and wrong when he agrees to help a heroin trafficker hunt down the men responsible for his families death.

Rating: R

Runtime: 1hr 54min


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