New Bill: Commit A Felony Involving Human Trafficking, Lose Your CDL For Life

The Senate voted yesterday to move ahead on the DRIVE bill that would provide highway funding and remove CSA scores from the public view for almost two years.

While the I-10 bridge collapse (and the reported $2.5 million that the collapse is costing the trucking industry every day) has highlighted the need for increased funding of the nation’s highway systems, many trucking insiders consider the Senate’s vote to be a victory because they believe that CSA scores are “built on faulty methodology and incomplete data.”

The bill would also require an in depth study of the CSA scoring system.

The House, however, has shown signs of hesitation about signing the 1000 page DRIVE bill.

Even the controversial bill’s supporters say it needs work, but with a July 31 deadline looming, Congress is motivated to act quickly. The bill could reach the House as early as today.

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