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SR 58 Set To Reopen Thursday



Though crews are working hard to clean massive amounts of mud off of California’s State Road 58 between Mojave and Tehachapi, the road will not reopen until Thursday — if all goes according to plan.

During the flash flood, nearly 200 vehicles were buried in mud.

Clean up has been an extensive job, having to move tons of mud off the road. The project took 52 workers, 11 loaders, 5 graders, 14 dump trucks, an excavator and a fuel truck. All of the mud was moved to the shoulder of the road, but now crews need to remove it from the scene entirely. Engineers and geologists are on the scene, making sure that the road is safe to reopen.

They have also cleared the 115 passenger vehicles, 73 18-wheelers, and 2 tour buses from the road. Those vehicles were transported to the Mojave Airport.

If you are still trying to locate your truck, you can contact the Bishop Highway Patrol office at (760) 872-5900.

You can also get the latest highway updates by calling 1-800-427-ROAD (7623).

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