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Strong Demand For Truck Technicians


The American Trucking Association this week called on lawmakers, schools and the trucking industry to do more to address the need for truck technicians.

“In our industry, we often talk about the impact of the shortage of truck drivers,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves, “but we mustn’t forget trucking’s need to have many skilled technicians and mechanics to keep their rigs in working order and their wheels moving.”

The ATA cited a U.S. Bureau of Labor statistic that states the trucking industry will need to recruit 67,000 new truck technicians by 2022 to keep up with demand and to replace the aging workforce. In addition, the ATA says more than 75,000 diesel engine specialists are expected to be needed by 2022.

“ATA hopes that TMC’s efforts, including events like TMCSuperTech and TMCFutureTech competitions, can highlight professional excellence and serve as a recruiting tool to bring more qualified individuals into this important career,” Graves said.

To learn more about TMC, technician issues and TMCSuperTech and TMCFutureTech, visit: tmc.trucking.org.



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