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Survey Reveals Top 3 Reasons Truckers Remain Loyal


A new survey from Epic Vue delves into what it is that makes truck drivers decide to stay with their companies.

Here are the top reasons that drivers stay:

  1. Their company is respectful and kind to them. 37% of drivers say that the most important trait a trucking company can have to keep them around is courtesy and understanding.
  2. Their company allows them to be independent. Most drivers choose the trucking lifestyle because they like the freedom of the road — and 26% of drivers say that a trucking company that respects their independence is the most likely to keep them on as employees.
  3. Their company makes a genuine effort to retain their drivers. Whether this is through listening to suggestions from drivers or providing incentives to keep them, 25% say that this is the difference that keeps them from looking for another company.

Commercial Carrier Journal


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