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Symptoms of Glaucoma


If you’re experiencing vision loss, redness of the eyes, halos of light, eyes that look hazy, pain in your eye(s), narrowed vision or vision loss, you need to have your eyes examined.– These are the most common symptoms of glaucoma, as well as other diseases of the eye.

Glaucoma is a condition of the eye that is caused by damage to your eye’s optic nerve.  Glaucoma gets worse over time, so if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms, it’s vital you seek treatment immediately.

WebMD states that most people don’t experience many of the symptoms until the disease has progressed, making it that much more essential to seek care immediately.

Damage to the nerve is typically the result of a build up of pressure on the optic nerve. If left untreated, permanent vision loss or blindness may occur.

While the condition is typically inherited, anyone can develop glaucoma.

According to WebMd,

You are at an increased risk of glaucoma if you:

  • Are of African-American, Irish, Russian, Japanese, Hispanic, Inuit, or Scandinavian descent
  • Are over age 40
  • Have a family history of glaucoma
  • Have poor vision
  • Have diabetes
  • Take certain steroid medications, such as prednisone
  • Have had trauma to the eye or eyes

Glaucoma may occur in one or both eyes.

If you have a family history of glaucoma or diabetes and are over the age of 40, it’s recommended you get a complete eye exam every one to two years.

If you’re experiencing any changes in vision or noticing any eye problems, you need to see your doctor.



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